[WAG] How is everyone?

Isaac Freeman isaac.freeman at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 22:48:20 PDT 2007

Hey guys, haven't seen any emails from the group these days so I thought I'd
throw one out there and see how everyone is.

Here's my dub:

My practise is as challenging as usual, although I have gained some serious
insight into my life in the last few years.

Thanks Jesse for the phone call with the thoughts on bringing practise into
the active part of my life it is helping shift quite a bit of stuff in my

Somehow out of my practise I have managed to develop a kind of a Yoga, It
seems to stem from the void. Or what I've been reading is actually the Wu Ji
stemming from the Dao.
I'm not really sure how it happened, but one day I just started moving
during meditation and I know now the state of emptiness that brings the
I seem to be able to inately know how my body is suppose to move to engender
the flexibility of the muscles, into the tendons and even moving ligiments.

Tapping the Wu Ji also seems to have brought on another interesting thing.

One day when the nine year old kid live with told me his stomach was hurting
really bad, I felt ready to help him. I'm not sure how to explain it but I
rubbed my hands together and felt a sort of tingling in my hands and so I
thought, well why not try to help the kid.  Quentin seemed very at ease with
the idea of me trying to heal him this way, so I continued. I put my mind in
the same void space that brings on the Yoga except I focused on love for
Quenton with the intention to heal him. Sure enough my hands moved around
his little body about half a foot above the surface.  I reconized the
movements only slightly after the fact something like a bit of channell
dredging and then some heat to clear the stagnation, and suddenly he looked
up and said "Can you come play on the trampoline with me now?". I said
"sure" and then he asked me how the treatment could work so fast.  I told
him that it was only our love for each other that made it possible. I don't
remember thinking about that answer it just happened. He asked me another
time to treat him again another day and I went through what seemed like a
complete Medical QiGong treatment all tapped from the wuji  and none
consiously provided.  I remember most of it but in the end he was fast
asleep. He didn't have asma problems for several weeks after that and he
seemed to be healed of his stomach issues for at least the same duration.
His outrageously unbalanced diet brought back the symptoms eventually but we
have had a very strong connection to each other since and I think in time he
will learn to eat well.

Through all of this, I still cannot practise in a balanced fashion, nor do I
know the gentleness required to engender the proper cultivation of any of
these skills, but perhaps Emi will help teach me gentleness somehow.  She
has visited me twice in Canada now and has plans to move to Canada to live
with me.

So here I am the man who had thrown down the meaninglessness of being a
swinging bachelor and decided to be a single Monk, now in somehow what seems
like a betrothal to a very skillful Japanese woman. Yes my friends I think
for the first time in many years I have again decided to love. I believe my
practise has taught me this in many ways as well.

BTW Does anyone have Teacher Hu's email address still?

Thanks in advance.
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