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Hello everyone!Ni Hao.
Beunos Dias!

It's been a long time since I last sent an email, this list.

Emi and I were married in both Canada and Japan.  June 22nd in Japan at a
Shrine called Katori Jingu and  Sept 6th in Canada on Salt Spring Island at
a park called Ruckle Park, back in 2008.

Our future plans are to go to Peru in May, where we will visit Machu Picchu
and visit a shaman in both Cuzco and the amazon, although this is uncertain
as we await Emi's immigration paperwork and our trip may be delayed if
she receives her request for passport during that time. We met someone who
studied with a Shaman there, so we will visit her teacher and go through a
ceremony there.

We plan to make a baby sometime this year and are currently looking for a
place outside the city as both of us are feeling we need more nature nearby.

Emi works on an Organic Farm about 40 mins from Victoria, and brings home
vegetables each day that she works. She is taking Hawaiian Hula Dancing, and
babysits a few times a week.

On Wednesday's we go to Japanese Calligraphy classes together.

I work during the week at http://www.pensionsbc.ca doing computer work, as I
have been since 2006.
I have a qigong class I goto twice a week, which consists mostly of weidan
practise although slowly Malcolm is helping my internal practise and opening
my eyes time and time again , and even though I continue to seek out other
teachers, I still return to realize Malcolm is the healthiest, happiest and
most well rounded practitioner I have yet to meet. His ability to balance
his family, his teachings, his life and his overall awareness of everything
around him (Mindfulness), his values in life, and many other
characteristics,  brings forth a lot of recognition to me over and over
again that he is on the path.

In my recent adventures.

I recently found an 82 year old Taoist (Joe Hing Chu) living outside of San
Francisco a ways in a place called Los Altos Hills, kind of
the countryside of San Fran.

He seems in vibrant health for someone his age and teaches qigong twice a
week and still sees a few people in his home clinic. He grow up partly in
Indonesia,  went to TCM medical school in Hong Kong when his family moved
there.  Before going to medical school (Somtime in the 60's I think) he took
a kind of qigong training workshop, where he learned an interesting style
of practice that would lead him to several healers as mentors.

Sometime in his sixties switched from his acupuncture practice to to qi
treatments after he decided to start treating only vary serious cases. And
he felt he was strong enough in his clinical practice to switch.

It was great to hang out with him and learn QiGong and a little herbology
through his clinical practice. It was kind of a two week retreat for me, I
walked about 10 kilometers every day from the guest house (Hidden Villa) to
do my training with him, but later was given a bike by a local, and then
offered a room in a house much closer to Joe's house half way through the
second week.
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