[WAG] New music in the hotel

clif at eugeneweb.com clif at eugeneweb.com
Mon Sep 25 02:07:26 PDT 2006

So in my several week stay here at the old Xuan hotel I happend to notice 
that they seemed to have only one CD theat they played. Over and over and 
over and over... and... i was about... to go compleatly.... bonkers!...  heheheh....

well it took abit of round about attempts at communication but I finally 
was able to explain to the girls that out of my 9 CDs they could pick four 
for me to copy on to the four blanks we have left. First there was just 
one girl smapleing the CDS but she couldn't realy decide apperently they
  hadn't ever heard of Neal young or Sting. So she got another involvd and 
then one of the managers piped it into the hotel speakers so now we're 
rocking out to enya and Macheele shocked. Anyway I hope they fined four 
they like.


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