Welcome to Eugene Web

The Eugene Web is a proud user and supporter of open source software. We salute the programmers world-wide who have given us top quality software tools such as:


Linux Operating Systems

Apache Server Software


The founding members of Eugene Web were also the original founders of the Eugene Free (Community) Network, now also known as Oregon Public Networking. We support OPN's "Access For Everyone" campaign and hope you'll join us in adding their logo to your web pages.

Access for Everyone

In a way, The Co-op's mission is similar. Just as EFN helps make it possible for everyone to obtain dial-up access to the internet, Eugene Web seeks to make the tools for publishing sophisticated web content accessible to all.

Bring us your Website Developers, Net-intensive businesses, and Internet Entrepreneurs yearning to breathe free.

We are a great way for Website Developers and Internet-intensive Businesses to achieve direct control of the server platforms that they are providing to their clients without the expense of each of us owning our own servers, renting our own internet feeds and doing all of our own server system administration.

In 2003 Eugeneweb made a transistion to being wholly owned and operated by Clif Cox. Please contact him if you'de like to sign up or have other business related questions. If you need some help or are just curious you can contact any of the the helpfull folks listed below.

Please send inquiries to:
Clif Cox (clif@eugeneweb.com) or
Paul Harrison (paulh@efn.org) or
Wayne Simila-Dickinson (enyaw@efn.org)

Eugene Web invites you to visit the following sites which are all hosted on our servers:

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